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The Journal of the Trip to Hua Yi Secondary School, Singapore

Day 1 : We started our internalization programme by gathering together in SMANSA's yard. We took some photos together and had a short speech by the Head of Education Department Office, Mr. Drs. Aim Halimi Permana, M.Pd, and from our Principal Mr. Drs. H. Agus Suherman, M.Pd.




After that, we went to International Airport Soekarno Hatta by bus and took off at around 11 am. We arrived at Changi International Airport, Singapore at 2 pm and we had immigration checking until 3 pm. For your info, Changi Airport is one of the biggest airports in the world. The facility is very complete and the technology is very sophisticated.

After having an immigration checking, we went to our Hostel at Queensway led by Mr. Shahepul Mansor (Hua Yi's teacher) and some of Hua Yi's students. Then, we went to Vivocity, which is the largest shopping area in Singapore. We had a tour around the mall, shopping, and also we had our dinner there. It was awesome, because it was my first time going to this great country, Singapore.

The first impression about Singapore:

Singapore is a growth country which is blend of diverse cultures, traditions, and lifestyle. For example: Chinese, Malay, Arabic, Japanese, etc. The city is filled up with fascinating contrasts, diverse attractions and experiences likes no other. Singapore is a confluence of races and cultures; of traditions and innovations; of Asian and Western values and lifestyles all blending comfortably together.

This country is like an entertainment country, because it has so many entertainment places for the citizens and also the visitors. What makes Singapore different from Indonesia, for several reasons, we can say Singapore is a very discipline country. It makes a good condition for the country's life, because the citizens always adapt country's rules as a part of their life. For example, smoking is not allowed in most public places, especially non-open-air spaces. A fine up to SGD 1,000.00 can be imposed on offenders. Smoking is also prohibited in all entertainment and eating places except in spaces specifically marked as smoking areas.

Day 2

It was our first day at Hua Yi Secondary School, Singapore. We were very nervous. We arrived at Hua Yi at 7.15 am. Then we followed a little ceremony which was held on the school's Hall. After that, we had a breakfast at School's Canteen. The food stalls in school canteen divided into halal food and non-halal food, which is forbidden to any Muslims to eat it.



After having our short breakfast, we went to the class to follow the first school subject, that was Information and Technology. We learnt about how to create flash animator, as known as Professional Animator. This subject was delivered by Ms. Nur Zaheera. After IT class, we had such an outdoor education in the school, that was Rock Climbing. We enjoyed this subject because most of SMANSA's students never had this experience before.


Then, we had a recess and took our lunch together at school's canteen. After recess time, we went to Marina Barrage which is a beautiful barrage around Marina Bay, Singapore. Then we continued the trip by visiting the National Museum of Singapore which is located in Stamford Road. The National Museum of Singapore is the 119-year- old museum presenting Singapore's history through innovative and interactive exhibits.

We explored the different galleries for insights into the nation's history, culture, and were introduced to Singapore's food, fashion, film, wayang, and photography. We continued our great visitation to Marlion Park and Esplanade, which is known as Singapore's icons. After that we went back to the Hostel and had a great night in Singapore.

Day 3

We arrived at Hua Yi at around 7 and we had our breakfast there. Then, we had a lot of classes here. Every SMANSA students divided into groups and went to another class. We had F&N Class. F&N is Food and Nutrition Class, that learns about the nutrition contains in the food. We had a very nice class today, because the Hua Yi's students were very nice to us. Then we continued to Mother Tongue Class, which is language class. For this time we had Malay Language. After that, we had Chemist Class. In that chemist class, we learnt about Polymerisation, and then we created paper weight as the experiment.

After we had a lot of classes, we started our journey by visiting Malayan Museum, and then Masjid Sultan which is near from Malayan Museum. Masjid Sultan is the biggest Mosque in Singapore. We went shopping and spent our money there. Then we went to China Town. In China Town, we saw Thian Hock Keng Temple, an architectural wonder built without a single nail. A trip to Chinatown wasn't complete without shopping for Chinese souvenirs, antiquities, herbs, and delectable snacks. So, we went shopping. there. It was a very great shopping experience.

Then we went to Singapore Botanic Garden, which is the 148-year-old Garden showcases more than 10.000 species of tropical flora, featuring the National Orchid Garden and the cool House which simulates a tropical montane forest complete with mossy rocks and carnivorous plants. After having this tour, we went to BBQ-ing place near the Botanic Gardens. It such a great night! After that, we went back to the hostel.

Day 4

It was the last day we went to the school. It was hard to leave this school especially for the students. We arrived at around 7 am and we had our breakfast there. In that day, we would present our performance, so we had our preparation around 7-8 am. At 8 am, we had our performance which was seen by Hua Yi's students, the teachers, and the principal. It went good, everyone loved it.

We went into another class like yesterday. We had a Chemist Class, and then we had a Chinese Dance class. It was a very great experience. After that we had Chinese Calligraphy class. Then we continued our visitation to visit Nanyang Technological University (NTU) which is the best technological sciences university in Singapore. After that we went to Bugis Street to buy a lot of souvenirs, and then we went to Sentosa Island. Sentosa Island is a beautiful island. We spent our time at the beach.

Sentosa is home to three Singapore's finest beaches – Tanjong, Siloso, and Palawan. Whether it's the excitement of watersports or the tranquility of tanning by the sea breeze, Sentosa's beaches have it all. Then, we watched Song of the Sea, which showed a live cast and dramatic effects pyrotechnics, water jets, brilliant lasers, special computer imaging, burst of fire, captivating music and stunning flame burst. It was an excellent show! After having our great experience, we went back to the hostel.

Day 5

It was the last day in Singapore. We packed up our clothes and our things, because today we would flight back to Indonesia. It was a hard day. We went to Changi International Airport at around 10 am, then we flight back at 11 am, and we arrived in Soekarno Hatta at around 1 pm. It was the nicest journey, ever!

An argument about SMANSA's students:


In my point of view, the students of SMAN1 BOGOR have presented themselves well during their stay in Singapore. Generally, they are highly interactive and friendly. This has made the relationship between them and the students of Hua Yi Secondary School more comfortable and cozier. Students of Hua Yi Secondary are looking forward to meet their peers from Indonesia again. This is due to the fact that the Indonesian students were able to blend in and adapt to Hua Yi's school environment, and we have considered them as part of our Hua Yi family


Reported by : Ryan Fajar Febrianto

Edited and pictured by : Drs. A. Suarta (ASPnet and Sister School Coordinator)